Decorus Life

Person standing in front of colorful television

Kru Mel – TV repair guy

Life is a movie, and you’re the director.

My movie has been a little different than most people. I’ve chosen the road less travelled. It’s been a hard road, it’s been a fun road. Most of all, it’s been my own.

My movie is not traditional. It’s not a story about a guy who worked the same job for 30 years, had 2.2 kids, retired on a pension, got cancer and passed away before I could enjoy the fruits of my labour.

In the movie of my life I strive to live by two principles:

  1. I will work towards being better than I was yesterday 
  2. I will work towards leaving this planet a little better than I found it

What is the story of your movie? What are the themes of your life? Are you enjoying your life or are you playing someone else’s narrative?

If you’re not sure, that’s ok. Let’s adjust the settings on your TV to get a clearer picture of your life.

What channel are you watching?

Way back in the day TVs didn’t even have remotes. If you wanted to change the channel you had to get out of your comfortable seat and move the dial.

Life is the same way.  If you want to make a change, you have to leave what’s comfortable.

This is your story.  What do you want to watch? Old black and white reruns that you’re tired of, or something fun. Something live. Something in the present moment.

Stop living in the past. You have the ability to get up and change the channel of your life anytime you want. It just takes a choice.

How loud is your volume?

What volume are you playing your story at? Is it quiet? Are you trying “not to disturb the neighbours?”  This is your life.  It’s time to start turning the volume up.

How do you do that? The more you align yourself with your true purpose, your soul purpose, your higher self, the louder the volume of your life becomes.

In his book “Simple Truths” Kent Neurburn explains: 

“We should think of work as a vocation, which comes from the latin word for calling, which comes from the word voice. When you look at it like this, work should be something that calls to you, that gives you a voice to who you are and what you want to say in this world”.  

What is your highest self calling you towards? The more you work towards it, the louder your volume becomes and the more fun you have. Start living your life story.

How bright is your picture?

Your TV has other settings besides just the channel and the volume. To get the best and clearest picture you also need to adjust your brightness.

How bright is your life? Do you view the world as a place of light, or is it dark and gloomy? Again you control the settings of your life.

The more clarity that you have in your life, and the more you can discern between what is mind and what is heart, the brighter your story gets and the brighter the world will seem to you. 

If you subscribe to the philosophy that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience then you might also believe that you are a being of light, which in turn means that you have that light inside you. 

The more you can connect with your internal light, the brighter you will shine in this world.

Is your picture balanced?

Do you notice the details in your life or is your picture kind of flat? Another setting you can control is contrast which affects what we call the near-white shadow detail. Adjusting your contrast brings balance to your screen.

Every person has shadows in their lives. And it is through self love that we acquire awareness of where these shadows come from so we can gain the motivation to change our lives for the better.

Are you living in someone else’s shadow? How many times have you listened to someone else about what was best for your life? How many times have you felt pressured to take someone else’s advice even if you knew it was wrong and found you weren’t any happier afterwards? 

When you take active steps to balance your life on an internal level what manifests on the outside will be balanced and your story will be clear, vibrant and most importantly your own.


Kru Mel: TV repair guy

Do you like the movie you are in right now? If not, what can you do to change it? 

Are you working towards being a better person than you were yesterday and leaving this beautiful world a little better than you found it?

You have control. You can change your channel, turn up your volume, connect with your inner brightness and adjust the contrast to have a life that is balanced and beautiful.

This work is NOT EASY. Changing your life and taking active steps to alter behavioural patterns and bad habits is very difficult. Especially if you’re trying to do it on your own.

Hire an expert. I’ve helped thousands of bright men and women find self love and bring clarity and balance to their lives so they can finally start living inside the movie they always wanted to.

Love and Light

Kru Mel