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Kru Mel Bellissimo

Training Leaders to be their best when it matters the most.

Mel's Story

Mel founded Decorus Life, offering leadership & clarity coaching services to bring awareness, balance, clarity and a deeper sense of connection for men and women who manage a nutso amount of responsibilities. In addition to co-founding DudeBuddha, an anonymous invite only space for men, he provides consulting services to gyms, schools, and recreational facilities in setting up Muay Thai programs. Mel Also has his own live Twitch channel where he hosts The Coffee and Biscotti Show. 

His passion for Muay Thai spans 25 years, spending 2 years training, fighting, and teaching in Thailand.He was at the helm of a successful MMA school in Toronto for over 11 years where he supported thousands of people from entrepreneurs, executives, and children. 

Whether in or outside of the ring, the ability to control your emotions in order to have clarity and focus under stress is a major factor in winning. It was this very experience that he realized the deeper value of his martial arts training and coaching in supporting the lives of his members.

This attracted business leaders, Entrepreneurs, and individuals who carry an incredible amount of responsibilities to seek the “Kru” for advice. His desire to be of even greater value to these individuals led him down the path of metaphysics where he studied for 5 years and facilitated a wide variety of classes and seminars across the globe.  He sat on international teaching panels as a speaker for a number of esoteric, martial arts, and business events. He is now working on his advanced intensive training towards certification in Choice Theory, Lead Management, and Reality Therapy.

Is Mel Right for You?

Finding a Coach is a very personal thing and that person must resonate with you. There has to be an energy or a vibe that you feel when hiring a coach. The kinds of people who have worked with me and made changes in their lives are people who:

1. Have an appreciation for the life lessons that come from Martial Arts even if you have never taken any before.

2. Prefer a relaxed “Chilled”environment, where deep conversations and serious growth can be had.

3. Have a drive for personal change and growth. You have challenges in life but have an attitude of gratitude and a strong desire to resolve them successfully.

4. Are leaders and want to be the best versions of themselves so they can be strong pillars of support for their families and communities.

5. Have an appreciation for life and understand that the best investment is in themselves because it pays the best dividends for them and their loved ones.

6. Are ready to make changes (like the old expression when the student is ready the teacher will appear.)

7. Are leaders that provide people with what they need, not what you think they need and understand the difference.

9. Those who have lost themselves in their work or as a parent and want to get back to who they really are, their authentic self.

10. Are not sure that anything needs to change but feel there is more, or there is something missing. (The magic happens outside the comfort zone).

Choose A Program That Supports Your Goals

Clarity Coaching

Every athlete, every entrepreneur, every executive at some point in their career had a coach.

Speaking Events

Mel is a trained public speaker who inspires heart centred leaders to embrace their superpowers. (More info coming soon)

Muay Thai Training

On the outside, the sport of Muay Thai seems just about the competitions, but the art of Muay Thai has so much to offer.