Decorus Life

Decorus Life Philosophy

Decorus life came to be because of a sincere passion for inspiring and supporting people who face ongoing challenges that come with growth and taking on responsibilities.

There is an ongoing fight (inner struggle) faced by many people who increasingly take on more responsibilities.

In today’s world, we are challenged to know more, handle more, and be more.

Perhaps you can relate.

As a fighter, each time I stepped in the ring, the fight was different. But this amazing challenge transformed me. I know, you too, can adopt the same warrior mind-set.

Like all battles, in the beginning, I entered and engaged with my full physical and mental capabilities, feeling strong, having the belief I can take on any challenge.

For you this might be equivalent to starting a new business; or perhaps, excited about taking on a new job or accepting a job promotion. For others it might be the thrill of being a parent while at the same time, taking care of one’s own parents. One thing is for sure in all these situations one feels an overwhelming expression of emotions:

  • Excitement
  • Sense of Accomplishment
  • Fear
  • Nervousness
And so many more…
decrous life philosophy

As each round of the fight continues fatigue settles in, our mental abilities are challenged and our physical strength diminishes.

One’s training begins to take a backseat, emotions run high, and one’s patience, trust, and focus takes a nosedive.

Stress, anxiety and fear launches like a rocket ship.

And everything seems heavier.

At this point you need to ask yourself? What will you do?

One can continue to fight with a realizable goal of winning, but doubt sets in and the fear that at some point one’s personal health will be at risk or quality time spent with loved ones is threatened.

One can continue to fight, but yet again, feelings of deterioration set in, the purpose, the goal takes a beating, and this can only last so long, before one forgets what one was fighting for or even worse who one is!

However, some find that warrior spirit, and continue to fight with a sense of peace, clarity and focus. I choose to continue, to adopt the warrior spirit and to move forward with peace and clarity.

In fact, I discovered an important life message. The fight and struggle only strengthen my resolve. I see this as an opportunity to continue my journey toward a full and beautiful life; an opportunity to continue to grow and to embrace all of life’s challenges.

What does a beautiful life mean to you?

A beautiful life is defined by one’s joy, happiness, and ability to grow with peace and clarity despite the adversity.

There are 3 questions that I encourage you to ask yourself right now:

What do you truly desire?

What are you doing?

And do they match?

If your answer is unclear, uncertain, or you are looking for exploration, then you have come to the right place.

If you answered yes, then you are among the fortunate ones. I am here to provide a guiding hand and be of support to you.

And as I say to my clients, I will give you 100% if you are willing to reciprocate 100% back to me and ultimately, to yourself.

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1:1 Coaching

Every athlete, every entrepreneur, every executive at some point in their career had a coach.

Muay Thai Private Training

On the outside, the sport of Muay Thai seems just about the competitions, but the art of Muay Thai has so much to offer.