Decorus Life

Dude Buddha

Dude Buddha is an anonymous invite only space for men that Kru Mel co-founded. This is a space that was designed for men to share there their most intimate thoughts and feelings.

Why it Was Created

While there may be some men that would go and share their personal lives on men’s groups or public forums, there are thousands of men that don’t feel comfortable and prefer a place that has anonymity.

Originally for entrepreneurial fathers (Biz Dads) the Global Pandemic has prompted men from all walks of life to participate and join this group of men in sharing their challenges and their victories.

The Five Pillars

The website is bound by five pillars in which the men can create and respond to various discussions and they are;
  • Business
  • Fatherhood
  • Health, Wellness and Spirituality
  • Relationships and Intimacy
  • Wealth
Not only are the men engulfed in deep conversations, but there are monthly surveys conducted and Expert Webinars hosted by professionals in their respective Fields. This provides an opportunity for the members to openly (without Judgement) ask whatever question they would like answered.