Do you want to finally Stop feeling stuck in life & live to your potential?

Join our Vision Board Creation Mastermind where we will Do a 9-Week Deep Dive into each of the 8 areas of your life!

Learn how to Create an inspired life by leveraging clarity and balance to get unstuck

Why you should sign up right now!

Understand Yourself - If you're feeling a little lost, you're not alone. Truth is without being at peace at yourself, it's hard to create the life of your dreams. 
Gain Clarity Around Your Ideal Life - Hard to go where you want to go without knowing where you're going. Well, the same applies to our life. Finally get clear about each one of the 8 areas of life. 
Get in Balance to Perform Better - A lot of us focus on work to make more money, or even health to look and feel better. But we usually do so at the cost of our relationships, or hobbies, or spirituality. Truth is, without balance in all areas of life, it's hard to become a high performer.
Receive Personal Mentorship - The difference between excelling and "figuring stuff out" is a coach or mentorship from an expert. What we have a step-by-step process to supercharge your self-discovery process to start living the life of your dreams.
Finally Be In The Driver's Seat - If you've always felt like life has moved too fast and just happens to you, it's time to flip the script. As you gain more clarity and start taking action towards a life you will design, you'll notice that you're the one pulling life's lever's and not the other way around.

Finally get to grips with Living an inspired life in Each of the 8 area of life

Here's what we'll cover in the mastermind.

Work & Career

Loving Relationships

Health & Wellness



Spiritual Development

Social Life

Family & Community

Soul Killers (Bonus)

This mastermind is the perfect place for anyone wanting to take their life to the next level and is ready to put in the work to do so

Here's what you can expect in the mastermind:

90-Minute Live Weekly Coaching Calls

Access to a live weekly master class where in 90-minutes we will do a deep-dive into each one of the 8 areas of life. This will be an intense session and will leave you with a blueprint to gaining clarity and take control in that specific area of life.

Closed Mastermind Support Group

On top of the weekly master classes, you will be a part of a closed knit community where others like you will also be on a journey of self-discovery and excellence. This community will be where we all share our experiences and support on another.

Individualized Guidance In a Small Group

The best part of all this is joining with only a few other members with you. This isn't one of those 200+ people groups. Low numbers mean we will be focusing on your individually to ensure you're getting results. 

Your Mastermind Instructor & Facilitator

Kru Mel Bellissimo

Mel has been engulfed in Muay Thai for almost 25 years, spending 2 years training, fighting, and teaching in Thailand. He was at the helm of a successful MMA school in Toronto for over 11 years where he supported thousands of people from entrepreneurs, executives, and children.

Whether in or outside the ring, the ability to control the impact of emotions in order to achieve clarity and focus under stress is a major factor in winning. It was this very experience that he realized the deeper value of his martial arts training and coaching in supporting the lives of his members.


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Get Ready for Class

After the confirmation, clear the calendar, join the private group, and get ready to transform your life.

Learn how to Get more clarity and balance in your life through a deep dive into vision board creation.

Private mentorship, closed mastermind group, 90-minute weekly live master classes, and personalized attention within a small group of 6.

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Limited Time Offer - Only 6 SpotS available

9-Week Vision Board Creation Mastermind

Private Mastermind Support Group
Weekly 90-Minute Masterclasses 
Access to Your Very Own Clarity Coach
Tools & Resources to Accelerate Results
Deep Dive into 8 Areas of Life

Normally $800.00 USD

Now $499.00 CAD

Complete with a 100% money-back, life-changing guarantee.

Simply: If you're not happy, we give you your money back no questions asked. 

After taking part in the mastermind, if you can truly look yourself in the mirror and conclude that you haven't been able to transform at least one area of your life, then simply email us and we'll issue a 100% refund. 

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