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Mel Bellissimo

Welcome to Decorus Life

A Life Coach works together with his or her clients on the important areas of one’s life. Life Coaches help you along your journey of becoming the grandest version of yourself.
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You have awakened to the notion that your why is “YOU”,

not something outside of you.

Mel Bellissimo

What People Say

I have known Kru Mel for almost a decade. He is my former employer, he is my life coach and my friend.  It is important to know that Kru Mel is always bettering himself as his motto is “be better than you were yesterday”.   He is constantly learning and trying new things. He always shares what he is learning without hesitation. He was like this as a Muay Thai Kru and is like this as a Life Coach. He learns so that he can help others and to me, that is a leader that leads by example.


You can talk to Kru about anything and he will always listen with his heart. He will give you advice if he thinks you need it, but questions you so that you can find the answer within yourself. 

I feel blessed to have Kru Mel in my life and grateful that after all these years we are still in each other’s lives.  Thank you, Kru for all that you do. You are an inspiration to me and to many others. Look forward to working with you as I continue my journey of being the best version of myself.

– Paul

Mel has been a constant source of positive encouragement.  In a very short period of time, he’s helped me transform 

into someone who can play at a much higher level. I haven’t learned this much since puberty. This should be a rite of passage.

One of the biggest values of working with Mel is that he helps you reframe the way you see things.  I’m finally letting go of negative stories I’ve been carrying for a long time and starting to feel like a champion just for being myself.

– Tom

Decorus Life YouTube Channel

On my YouTube I cover all areas of your life from health and wellness, to parenthood, to Muay Thai. Come discover practical ways to find peace and inner clarity amidst what can seem to be a chaotic life. 

Tips, Lessons and advice on life and business on the Decorus Life Youtube channel

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As a teacher, a guide and a student, 1-on-1 coaching offers the highest and deepest levels of attention in supporting you in finding clarity and reaching your goals.

Muay Thai Private Training

From the outside, the sport of Muay Thai is just about the competitions, but the art of Muay Thai is an incredible foundation for a healthy, prosperous and happy life.