Decorus Life

History of Muay Thai

Let me Tell you a story

All my life I’ve been a storyteller. Here is a collection of some of the stories I’ve told.

I hope they bring you value, and touch your heart in the same way they have mine. 

Welcome to Decorus Life

Come and join me through the journey of all those that take on a ton of responsibilities. It is amazing what you will

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Kru Mel – Electrician

Introduction As a child I marvelled at how electricity travelled through wires into my house, and powered my Atari Game System. Yes, I am dating

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All That’s Left

Introduction It’s month 16 of the pandemic and slowly businesses are starting to open up.  It has not been easy for many people and I have

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Person standing in front of colorful television

Kru Mel – TV repair guy

Life is a movie, and you’re the director. My movie has been a little different than most people. I’ve chosen the road less travelled. It’s been

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Story Time with Kru Mel… A story of letting go

A story of letting go. There has never been more of an important time to let go of what has happened in the past. It is time to forgive yourself, so

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Loving Relationships… Why are they so hard?

Two major reasons why loving relationships are so tough now a days and what ingredient you need in order to have a

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