Decorus Life

Elite Muay Thai Training

Learn the ‘Science of the 8 limbs’ from one of Canada’s most highly respected Krus


Get immediate results and push yourself further than you’ve ever gone.


Uncage the mind by getting rid of all your limiting beliefs.


Empower your spirit and find a true sense of peace from training.

The Decorus Difference

Mel has trained champions all the way to the UFC and will give you game changing strategies you will never see in your average ‘strip-mall gym.’

But it’s the spiritual and psychological shifts that will truly benefit your life. Train with Mel and develop Awareness, Balance and Clarity, and you will transform into the best version of yourself.

How It Works

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30 minute body weight Training

30 minutes Stance, movement, striking

Kids Muay Thai

For over 20 years parents have been bringing their kids to Kru Mel so that they can build discipline, become healthier, and learn about respect.

Mel has helped hundreds of kids become gain more confidence to stop the bullying situations in their schools, increase their focus and even improve their grades.

All thanks to Muay Thai!

Muay Thai Benefits


  • Helps with awareness of the body and how to move it in the most efficient way
  • Helps with balance and posture
  • Gets the body toned, fit and strong


  • Keeps you focused and disciplined
  • Challenges the mind as you learn techniques
  • Helps with self-confidence


  • Helps with keeping your awareness in the present
  • Learn to focus on breathing, which brings a sense of peace
  • A heightened sense of awareness

Give it a Try!

If you’re not ready to train in person, that’s ok!

Download a free morning routine that exercises all three points of the triangle of body, mind and spirit and see first the Decorus difference first hand.

I guarantee you will be a new person in just 7 days.

Decorus Morning Routine

One of Canada’s Master Krus

Kru Mel has been a teacher (Kru) in Muay Thai for
over 20 years. He owned a Mixed Martial Arts
school in Toronto and had taught over 11,000

Kru Mel has refined his craft on an
international stage, having traveled across the
globe teaching and training with some of the
world’s best.

He spent years training and fighting in
Thailand with one of the top 10 Thai boxers in
history, Burklerk Pinsinchai.

The Clarity of Muay Thai

Kru Mel has dedicated his life to helping people both through Muay Thai and Clarity Coaching. His passion and knowledge of the art is evident every time you put on your gloves and punch and kick his pads. His passion for the culture can be seen any time you go to a Thai restaurant. No matter what arena, his love for people is evident with every conversation you have with him.

Decorus Life came to be because of a passion for working with leaders. When a leader is at his or her best then that energy transfers down to their family and community.

Muay Thai really works on the body, mind, and spirit while clarity coaching brings you clarity on the most important areas of your life. Together they are a winning combination. When you have balance and clarity you develop Awareness. There are only 2 kinds of awareness and they are;

  • The awareness of the energies of self
  • The awareness of the energies outside of self

As a leader, awareness is key so you can provide the people you are working with exactly what they need, not what you think they need.

It’s a beautiful life.

Kru Mel