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What is Life Coaching?

Every athlete, every entrepreneur, every executive at some point in their career had a coach.

A life coach can help in many areas of your life. 

It is a person that has gone through their own journey and has found passion in assisting others, in collaborating with people to:

  • Help clarify goals
  • Identify blocks
  • Provide direction to help overcome blocks
  • Motivate and Inspire
  • Hold you accountable

A Life Coach works together with his or her clients on the important areas of one’s life. Life Coaches help you along your journey of becoming the grandest version of yourself.

What area of your life do you want (desire) to work on?

What challenges/blocks do you have in your life that are stopping you from moving forward?

What fear is preventing you from achieving success in the area you desire?

What family or default patterns do you have that you are looking to change or habit you’re wanting to break?

what is a life coach

Am I the Right Coach for You?

Finding a Coach is a very personal thing and that person must resonate with you. There has to be an energy or a vibe that you feel when hiring a coach.

Below you will find information about me, the people who have worked with me, and the kind of people who have been impacted by my coaching.

People that have connected with me are those that 

  • Are ready to make changes (like the old expression when the student is ready the teacher will appear)
  • Have an appreciation for life and understand that the best investment is in themselves, because it pays the best dividends for them and their loved ones,
  • Are single or married,
  • Are leaders and want to be the best versions of themselves so they can be a strong pillars of support for their families and communities
  • Have lots of responsibility, they are go getters, they have challenges in life but have an attitude of gratitude and a strong desire to resolve them successfully
  • Prefer a relaxed “Chilled”environment, where deep conversations and serious growth can be had.
  • Have an appreciation for the life lessons that comes from Martial Arts even if you have never taken any before.  
  • Those you have lost their way and want to reconnect with the warrior mindset.
  • Are not sure that anything needs to change but feel there is more, or there is something missing. (The magic happens outside the comfort zone)
“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Every athlete, every entrepreneur, every executive at some point in their career had a coach.