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Come Hang With the Pack

Sometimes the best defence is a little offence.

Learn from the best

World-Class Muay Thai training from one of Canada’s top Krus.

Get Connected

Meet Ottawa’s next generation of Heart Centred Leaders.

Do Your Thing

Share what you love and find people who complement you.

my trusted advisor, spiritual mentor, and friend all in one. Mel fights for your life.

Albert Wong, Director, Junior Achievement (JA) Ottawa

What You Get

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Free Muay Thai training and Meditation

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30 mins of Clarity Coaching with Kru Mel

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Monthly meetups with Ottawa’s top professionals

One of Canada’s Master Krus

Kru Mel has been a teacher (Kru) in Muay Thai for
over 20 years. He owned a Mixed Martial Arts
school in Toronto and had taught over 11,000

Kru Mel has refined his craft on an
international stage, having traveled across the
globe teaching and training with some of the
world’s best.

He spent years training and fighting in
Thailand with one of the top 10 Thai boxers in
history, Burklerk Pinsinchai.

Mel has guided me through the worst of times and helped me build up to my best of times. He is my Kru, my coach and my friend for life. 

– Sandra

Mel helped me quit a job with unbearable stress so I could successfully open the business I’d been dreaming of.


Mel helped me heal my inner child during the most difficult year of my life. I haven’t learned this much since puberty! ?

– Danny Oberon

Train Like a Champ

Start your day off right. In order to have a balanced life we must first balance ourselves. Download a free morning routine that exercises all three points of the triangle of body, mind and spirit. 

Decorus Morning Routine

The Wolfpack Philosophy

Team Wolfpack came to be because of a passion to create a network that you can belong to and have a full body, mind, and spirit experience.

This group was created for heart centered business leaders entrepreneurs people who have had some success in business but really value giving back and being part of a team that is like-minded.

Team Wolfpack is about you growing and connecting with like-minded people. We come together to exercise all 3 points of the triangle of body, mind, and spirit.  

We built this offering because we desired something holistic. We all have contacts and friends, we can all join a gym or take a class, we could all visit the self help section of the library or bookstore.

But despite our searching, we couldn’t find a bespoke community, built for leaders, built for fathers, built for husbands, built for us.

So what did we do?

We designed it, tested it, and are thrilled to be able to bring it to you. This is beyond connection, beyond network building, this is about a better you and a better life.

Built with purpose and built with you in mind.